Many men wonder about the question "What is the average penis size?". This section breaks it down for you and explains the various psychological and physical aspects related to penis size. On average most men have a penis of approximately 6.5 inches. Men who actually have penis sizes smaller than this are plagued by a variety of psychological and physical problems.

Quick Points:

Average Penis Size = 6.5 Inches
Average Desired Penis Size = 8.5 Inches

For instance men with less than average packages may feel less confident, and even experience problems with their love and sex lives. Over the past few years it has become more and more of a problem amongst men. Facing these psychological struggles is sometimes difficult and may have subtle indirect effects.

In order to solve this problem and give men the extra length they may need or desire, several medical firms have developed a traction device. Throughout the site you can find information relating to these devices and how efficiently they can treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual stamina and increase the size of the penis.