Performance anxiety affects many men all over the world. This type of anxiety creates many issues with men and can have one or two different effects.

There are many things that you might be afraid of that gives you this performance anxiety, such as ejaculating too quickly, or not being able to please your partner. These are both very normal fears, and you should be aware of something. There is a cure for performance anxiety.

If you are afraid that you might ejaculate too quickly than you do a few different things to ensure that you will not. Some of these methods is that you masturbate before you are going to have intercourse with your partner. Another method that you can use is to avoid constant stimulation, so alternate between vaginal sex and oral sex. Changing the positions helps as well.

If you are having anxiety over pleasing the woman that you are with well there is a cure for this type of performance anxiety as well. There are so many men that are absolutely frightened of not giving a woman an orgasm. Well don’t worry anymore because what I am about to tell you will ensure that she will have an orgasm. There are many ways that you can give a woman an orgasm without even entering inside of her. The most sensitive area of a woman is the outer part of the vagina. If you stimulate that area she will have an orgasm once or twice.

Listen don’t stress out about these things, because all you need to do is relax and everything is going to work out perfectly. If you lack confidence than there is a good chance that you will not perform the way that you would be able too. And you would probably be absolutely amazing.»