Delayed ejaculation is just how it sounds. You will not ejaculate for sometime after you actually climax, there will have a delay in ejaculation. It can be very frustrating to both the man and his partner. Imagine having intercourse and reaching climax and about 30 minutes later you ejaculate.

It’s important that you understand that you are not alone. There are many men suffering from delayed ejaculation but there are treatments. You can find many websites that will have a great deal of information about helping you cope with delayed ejaculation mentally. These websites are definitely a great help.

Learning more about delayed ejaculation might help you to figure out what is causing you to suffer from it, and this will also help you to determine what treatment you will need.

There are a few different causes of delayed ejaculation such as trauma to the pelvic nerves, certain medications such as antidepressants, excessive drug use or alcohol, and also neurological diseases. These are just a few of the medical causes of delayed ejaculation but there is the possibility that it may be psychological.

It’s important that if you have any sort of symptoms of delayed ejaculation that you speak to your doctor so you can begin discussing the treatments that are available, and will suit your specific cause of delayed ejaculation. Some treatments for delayed ejaculation will vary depending on the underlying cause. Your doctor will discuss all of this with you.

Some treatments for delayed ejaculation are switching your medications, stopping the intake of drugs and alcohol, and also talking with a therapist. If the cause of your delayed ejaculation is psychological then it’s important that you be patient because this treatment can take sometime trying to the underlining cause and then treating it. So it’s important that you just be patient.»