Article By Adam Griffin

    Pumps and enlargement devices plague the Internet from adult themed websites to your run of the mill dating site. The question that rests on a lot of men's minds, is whether or not these devices truly work. If so, what is the science behind them, are they viable, and is it worth investing a significant amount of money?

    As an expert in the field and working with phalloplasty surgeons, it has become fairly evident that pumps may not be the most beneficial solution to men. Working on the simple principle of increasing blood circulation to the penis body, a penis enlargement pump allows for temporary increases in size. As a man gradually reduces the usage of the pump, they notice a significant decrease in the gains over time. As more and more medical professionals recognized the increased demand for a non-surgical alternative, they noted that a traction device may potentially provide permanent gains.

    Andrologists had previously used traction devices or "penis extenders" for post operation treatment. After surgery, men were recommended to use the device to improve healing and increase the regeneration of skin cells. By applying minute amounts of stress to the penis body, the principle function of the device, skin tissue is forced to regenerate over time. Doctors recognized the ability to naturally increase the size of the penis through the use of these traction devices. Although not as efficient as surgery, the device provides a safe and natural alternative and in clinical studies has shown to even improve performance and libido.

    Exercise in conjunction with the use of a penis extender has proven to be a viable and legitimate solution to penis enlargement. Unfortunately, it has become evident that it may potentially not be compatible with all body types. In some instances men saw dramatic results and in others there were relatively minor gains. Although traction devices are a legitimate penis enlargement solution, it is evident that further study is needed, as well as significant improvements to products to increase efficiency.

    More and more companies have emerged to improve this form of penis enlargement device, recognizing the impact that it may potentially have on men's lives.