1. Does it work?

Yes, men report on average half an inch to an inch in the first 3 months of usage.

  1. What’s the difference between the noose and the strap?

The noose is very uncomfortable; it has a diameter of ¼ inch while the strap is made of hypoallergenic silicone material, and is 1 inch wide. This provides more surface area for more comfort.

  1. What are the benefits of using a natural penis extender?

It will enhance your erections, cause longer sex drive and in the long run gain more confidence in your sex life.

  1. Will I lose penis girth if I gain length?

No, the stimulation of the cells in conjunction with the penis stretcher aids in the expansion of both penile girth and length.

  1. How long does it take to have noticeable results?

It was recorded that on average there has been gains on 1 full inch in just 3 months.

  1. Can I wear the extender while asleep?

As long as you do not toss and turn you are safe, the worst scenario, is the extender will fall off. If you do sleep with it at night wear it every 2 days, due to regeneration of cells at night.

  1. Is a penis extender effective for curing Peyronie’s Disease (Curved penis)?

The penis extender reduces the degree of curvature; however, those with severe cases should consult a physician.

  1. Is the growth permanent?

Yes, growth is 100% permanent.

  1. Do I have to wear the device daily and for how long?

No, you can wear a natural penis extender as you please. The results, however, depend on the total amount of hours worn. For optimum results, the penis device should be worn a minimum of 3 hours a day.

  1. Is it safe?

Yes it is, seeing that its doctor recommended. All devices we recommend are constructed from of medical grade parts, and were originally designed by doctors to cure Peyronie’s disease.