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Penis extenders and penis stretchers are one of the most effective means of enlarging your penis. The device itself is doctor approved and clinically proven to work. For most consumers, purchasing a stretcher or extender, it gets complicated when it comes to choosing the brand and mechanism. Some other questions you may have will include, do penis extenders work, are they safe, and are the results permanent.

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Our site tries to simplify what men should be looking for when purchasing a penis enlargement device. Many of you have probably seen the penis extender, one of the more common devices available to men. It is an all natural solution, that really does work, and we are here to promote the most succesful brands and products.

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We aim to offer you up-to date information pertaining to the latest penis extenders and penis enlargement products. Feel free to visit our frequently asked questions section and read our articles on the field of penis enlargement. Our columnists release news, press releases, and articles on the latest developments in penis enlargement. Feel free to research other penis enlargement review sites for more information on these products.

Recommended Penis Stretchers

X4 Labs

Product Info:  The X4 Labs Penis Stretcher was engineered by a Canadian research and development firm. With over 10 years of phalloplasty experience, the X4 penis extender is the only device to offer a Hybrid Support System including both rubber tubing and their original Comfort Strap technology.

This safe and effective penis extender is a great way to add inches to the size of your penis. You will start seeing results in just a few short weeks, and increase both flaccid, as well as, your erect size. Read more.

Euro Extender

Product Info: The Euro Extender is based on the principle of traction. It is a medical device that uses Comfort Strap technology to treat Peyronie's disease and is also used for penis enlargement. It is amongst the most comfortable devices available on the market. Read more.

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Penis Extenders

While many of these products may have benefits with respects to sexual performance, the penis extender is the only device proven to significantly increase penis size. In clinical studies majority of participants noted increases of up to 33% in length, on average gains of approximately 3 inches. Prior to the development of this device in the early 90's, penis enlargement was only available through surgical procedures and phalloplasty.

Male Enhancement Pills

Over the last several years companies such as Sinrex and VigRX have debuted male enhancement pills designed to improve the overall sexual performance of men. In the studies conducted with respects to male enhancement pills, part of the sample noticed gains in size. It was later noted that these gains were simply a result of temporary increases of blood to the body of the penis. If you are looking for an increase in the size of your penis male enhancement products may have appealed to you, however there are not a viable solution, results are temporary.

Penis Pumps

These devices the most commonly known type of penis enlargement products and work on the principle of suction. Either through a manual or motorized pump a vacuum results in excess blood traveling to the penis body. The results of a penis pump are usually a harder erection and does not provide permanent enlargement. In some cases excessive pressure or suction applied by a penis pump may cause vascular damage.