So you want to produce more semen, eh?

Well there is a very simple method to successfully increasing the amount of sperm, and this is to ejaculate more.

Yes you read that right, if you want to produce more sperm and it is of the highest motility then you need to begin ejaculating more. This makes masturbating much more acceptable to your wife if you are trying to get pregnant.

There have been many scientists that have actually been recommending you to ejaculate more often to keep your sperm healthy.

If you truly want to improve your chances of getting pregnant than this is the way that you are going to be able to do that. When you refrain from ejaculating what happens is that your sperm actually begin to get deformed and damaged. If you ejaculate more often than you are creating new and far less damaged sperm.

There was a study done that proved that this method of improving your sperm actually works, and is extremely beneficial for those couples that are trying to get pregnant. A team of doctor’s tested thousands of different men that were being treated for infertility, and what they found was that the men that had not had ejaculated for longer periods of time that their sperm count was much less, and the sperm motility was next to nothing.

So if you have been looking for a way to create better sperm than you it’s important that you begin ejaculating more often. A good amount is at minimum every two day, any longer than this you will begin to reduce the motility and sperm count of your semen.

And if your trying to get pregnant than you should also begin eating a healthy diet, a healthy penis is important to getting pregnant faster.»