Jelqing Is An Exercise For What?   

Jelqing is an exercise for your penis, and it has been known to actually increase the size of your penis. How on earth can an exercise make your penis size bigger?

Your penis is almost like a muscle and all muscles have the potential to get bigger, correct? When you do the jelqing exercise it is going to increase the amount of blood that goes to your penis.

The Jelqing exercise is a simple exercise, and many men find it very stimulating. It’s important that you know the correct way to perform this exercise before attempting it because there are some risks involved.

Let’s look at how you can perform this Jelqing exercise.

First you will need to begin with a warm up. There are a few ways for you to warm up and one way is to heat a towel and wrap it around your penis for at least 5 minutes, you will need to keep re-warming the towel. A heating pad works really well and there is no need to keep stopping to heat the towel again.

Now you will need a good lubrication and a semi erect penis, to properly do this because you will need to create a milky layer when doing this penis exercise. Okay with one hand you will need to grab the base of your penis and squeeze firmly. And with your other hand and lubed really good begin squeezing your penis and move your hand up to the head of your penis. It’s important that you do this in slow motion. And repeat.

Hold on a second this is going to feel good, but you cannot ejaculate during this exercise so if you feel that you are going to stop for a few minutes.

You can find many websites that will have videos on how to properly do this very important jelqing exercise. And there are also many techniques that will enhance the effects of it as well, such as herbal male enhancement supplements.»