There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating it’s actually a great way for a man to reconnect with themselves.

I want to discuss with you just a few different masturbation techniques that will dramatically increase the pleasure when you are masturbating.

Masturbation Technique #1:

Lube up both of your hands very generously and with both of your hands form a ring around your penis. And with one hand at the base of your penis and the other hand above it.  Now with the top hand you will begin to slide your hand up towards the head, and then do that with the other hand as well. Continue doing this one at a time until you reach your climax.

Masturbation Technique #2:

Go to the kitchen and get a bowl out and fill it with some ice cube from your freezer. Don’t worry you are not going to be using this for your penis.

Begin masturbating as you normally do, and just when you are about to reach climax stick your hand in the bowl of ice cubes. For some reason this will increase the sensations of ejaculating.

These are just a few of the many different masturbation techniques that you can begin using to enhance the sensations of masturbations. There is nothing wrong with a man pleasuring himself. You can even use some of these techniques with your partner and teach her how to do it.

You can easily find many masturbation techniques on the internet that will have images and video’s to show you how to properly use the techniques. Be aware that there are some techniques that will involve different props, such as an electric razor. Don’t do anything that might have the potential of injury to your penis. That is the last thing that you need.»