Penis Enlargement Safety

    Majority of devices available for purchase in your local pharmacy or on the internet are doctor approved and recommended. Any devices listed on our site are certified safe for in home use and provide real results. The main purpose of our site is to give consumers the opportunity to see the benefits of each individual device. With more and more products available it becomes difficult to decide which one you should purchase. proudly endorses the modern traction device which eliminates many of the harmful side effects present in noose-based devices.

Traction devices are well documented in medical history and have time and time again provided real results to the men who use them. Patented in the 1970's the penis enlargement device has been used by a myriad of hospitals and clinics specializing in this particular field.

Simply by placing a small amount of traction on the body of the penis, the penis enlargement device allows the body to rebuild itself safely and naturally. For men who need to increase the size and girth of their penis the traction device provides permanent results, much more significant than those of pills.

Tips and Tricks

    There are several important factors when it comes to enlarging your penis and one of the most fundamental elements is blood circulation. Ensuring that you have a healthy blood flow to the penis body directly enhances the ability to generate new skin tissues. So what's the best way to do this? By combining supplements, with your traction device treatment, a person can actually increase results by up to 33%. It is important to remember that enhancement pills do not give you permanent results, they only help increase blood circulation and testosterone levels. They are a healthy solution that can be used in conjunction with a penis extending device. Although many of these penis enhancement pills promise permanent results the science behind them is neither supported by the medical community or proven by solid evidence.

    The best way to improving and increasing the size of your penis is to use a traction device. Pills, pumps and patches simply do not give you permanent gains. In using a penis extender and jelqing exercise, a man can gain up to 2 inches within three months.