Article by Dr. Ruslan Petrovich


    At all times, particular attention has been granted to the problem of penile dimensions. A phallus of impressive length is considered to reflect man’s strength and power, to embody his superior position.


    Despite the well-known opinion, that not the size but the quality make the point, many men still desire to have their penis' a certain degree longer, whatever the initial dimensions. This urge is quite justified, and it is hardly to be called a fancy, since it is above all subconscious, defined by nature, the more a man perceives himself as a male or as a social leader. At the same time, an insufficient length of penis can make a man feel uneasy in a woman's presence, and provokes also general uncertainty and an inferiority complex. Thus, the size of penis becomes one of determining factors in the personal achievement of a male, which influences immediately the quality of life.

    Men’s desire to obtain an impressive penis has led to a number of methods of various efficacy levels that may lengthen the penis. In order to make a penis longer, it requires stretching it constantly and statically by means of a special orthopedic apparatus called an extender or traction device. An extender is a medical device that uses the principle of stretching and traction.


    An extender consists of a plastic base connected with two mobile metallic bars, on which we put a plastic plate with a noose or strap fixing the glans. Extenders can be put on or removed without assistance. Thanks to its small dimensions and easy handling, one can wear it while walking, lying or sitting. Nevertheless, it would be reasonable to consult a doctor before starting to extend the penis, and to try the extender on. 



Classification of Extenders


  1. Noose Extenders

  2. Strap Extenders

    Actually, the way to extend the penis was not invented by the penis extender manufacturers. It became well-known much earlier than the first extender appeared. The Indian Sadkhus tribes achieved tremendous results by hanging stones onto penises with lianas or grass. Heavy stones extended the penis tissues with equal force during all the period while they were fixed on it.


    Adaptation periods, as well as using rulers or additional bars, were out of question. High effectiveness can be explained considering the force of extension and the exposure time. Granted that any contemporary male can not and will not use loads, hanging them on his penis due to the harmful nature, he would most likely prefer to apply a penis enlargement extender.


    The extender attempts to make the extension treatment comfortable. But to achieve the best results one should use the extender carefully. The idea of an alternative way of using an extender is to provide the conditions of maximal penis extension in order to achieve quick results.