Brief Overview of The Noose Extender
    Firms such as SizeGenetics, ProExtender and AndroMedical actively promote a noose based extender. Originally developed in the 1970's as a method to force the generation of skin-cells. By applying small amounts of tension to the body of the penis, new skin is generated and results in an increase of length and girth.
    Majority of devices available for purchase in your local pharmacy or on the internet are doctor approved and recommended. Any devices listed on our site are certified safe for in home use and provide real results. The main purpose of our site is to give consumers the opportunity to see the benefits of each individual device. With more and more products available it becomes difficult to decide which one you should purchase.

Pros & Cons

    What are the negative aspects of this type of device? Blood circulation is an important part of the enlargement process. The more blood circulation, the better the results and unfortunately the noose constrains the blood flow to the head of the penis. This can result in discoloration and even shrinkage, the bottom line is that the noose may not necessarily be a healthy solution.
    Patients do not achieve the full results that the device can offer. In order to improve the efficiency of the product certain engineers developed Comfort Strap technology to increase traction as well as comfort.

Benefits of The Strap Extender

    By using a strap over the noose, a penis extender provides traction without tying down the penis body and constricting circulation. The broader surface area of the strap allows for increased grip allowing for more tension and improved results. While many people have often complained about discoloration with the use of noose based extenders, strap based devices such as the X4 Extender or Euro Extender are 100% safe and doctor recommended.
    The only natural and non-surgical penis extender and that is completely safe for use with no harmful side effects are those devices that are strap based. solely endorses devices which are strap based given their increased efficacy and greater gains in length and girth.