Peyronie's Disease
    Peyronie's disease is a common disease which afflicts millions of men every year, it is the curvature of the penis. The curve or build up skin cause the penis to curve and can be dangerous particularly to your health. It can affect up to 1% of all men and is a result of the growth of fibrous plaques in the softer tissue of the penis. The cause of the disease in the penis is unknown but some assume that it is a result of a injury or defect in the internal cavity of the penis.
A certain degree of curvature considered normal and many times me are born with this benign condition. It is common to have a slight curvature in the penis, this condition is not a result of Peyronie's disease.
    The symptoms of Peyronie's disease may include discomfort, cord-like lesions on the body of the penis and even an abnormal curvature of the penis body. A urologist can often diagnose the disease and suggest a treatment, but its your best bet to see a urologists that specializes particularly in the field of Peyronie's.
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