X4 Labs™ Medical Penis Stretcher

Price: $295.95 USD

The X4 Extender is amongst the most technologically advanced devices on the market and offers products user the newly developed comfort strap. While penis extenders user nooses or thin bands to keep your penis in place, the X4 Extender uses a silicone strap. The strap gives patients increased comfort and maintains a healthy blood flow.

X4 Labs succeeds in providing men with a traction device that has no harmful side effects and can be used by men with a penis as small as two inches. Their six month guarantee ensures that you are protected when purchasing the product. Along with a lifetime warranty on parts, you can rest assured that your investment will not go to waste with this device. 

Euro Extender

Euro Extender™

Price: $275.00 USD

Euro Extender is an affordable solution for men with limited budgets. Using the same comfort strap technology as the X4 Extender it is relatively effective. With minor changes in engineering such as slightly stronger spring tension and improved quality of parts, the Euro Extender is a highly credible device.

The device offers its users the ability to improve sexual performance and gain extra inches on their current length. Emphasizing the importance of blood flow during the enlargement process, Euro Extender provides its users with a comfort strap enlarging device. It is also manufactured by X4 Labs, which means you receive the quality engineering, medical backing, and customer support.