Having a small penis does not mean that you or your partner cannot fully enjoy sexual intercourse. There are many different sex positions that will help you to get in much deeper so that you can enjoy a much deeper penetration and get much better stimulation.

Did you know that most women do not enjoy deep penetration?

It’s true! Women are much more sensitive in the front of the vagina then deeper in. Just a fact that I thought was relevant.

Okay let’s take a look at some different sex positions that can try if you feel that you have a small penis.

The very popular doggie style. This position will allow you to get a full penetration and a great view of everything.  But there are some tricks that will help to make her tighter. You have her close her legs and arch her back and you will enjoy a tight squeeze around your penis.

The V-formation will involve her laying on her back and her legs lifted in the air. She will need to hold her ankles and spread her legs apart. Her legs are going to form a V shape.

The snake is another great positions. She will need to lay face down on her stomach with her lays straight out and together. You will mount her, with your legs on either side of her body, and knees bent. It’s important that you are upright. Now find your way inside of her.

These are just a few of the many different positions that will allow you to get a much deeper penetration with a small penis. You can find many other positions by searching the internet, and they will have picture’s to help you easy follow along.

Having a small penis is a great ego killer for all men. It’s important that you understand that you most likely do not have as small of a penis as you believe that you do.»