Article by Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

What Are The Major Differences?

    Basically all the extenders vary in only one point – the way of fixation. The rest of differences concerns constructive and engineering properties of bars and bundling, they are of no particular importance. The noose extenders of penis are considered to be “classic”. These extenders differ only in ways of bar’s extension and fixation. Noose extenders are the most commonly used, but sometimes problems might occur while using them.

    Usually it depends on anatomical features of penis - small glans, leveled coronary sulcus, initial stage of phimosis. In these cases patients sometimes can not fix extender and use it because of excessive compression or sliding of the penis glans. To rend the use of extenders more comfortable and to make the application of maximal extension safe, strap extenders were recently developed by a Canadian research and development firm. This type of fixation (i.e. strap) helps to make the use of the extenders more comfortable, because the extender is fixed in place with an elastic silicon strap over a cloth padding, it minimizes the risk of damaging the foreskin or over-compressing the glans.

    Besides, these extenders are safely fixed on the penis even with the maximal extension applied, since a strap is in contact with the skin on much wider area than a noose is. The strap extenders are the recommended extender for both non-circumcised and circumcised patients. But in some cases, when the patient’s foreskin is too long or flabby, such extender might slide down, because it is difficult to cover a long foreskin fully with padding. However, to receive individual recommendations and to decide upon the kind of extender, a patient should consult a specialist and try the device on for best results.